Here’s the rundown of future ACC opponents for #Clemson football

Dabo Swinney and the Tigers won’t travel to Northern California until 2026 under the ACC scheduling model (TigerNet)

The ACC Monday night revealed who will be playing who in league football games from 2024-2030. The league established a rotations where each team will play every otehr team at least twice over that seven year period. There will not be divisions, and the top two teams in conference winning percentage will advance to the ACC Chamionship Game the first Saturday in December.

The new scheduling model protects 16 annual matchups. Of the 16 matchups, 11 are retained from the current 3-5-5 schedule model, two are restored rivalries from the divisional format in Miami-Virginia Tech and NC State-Wake Forest and the three new schools fill the remaining three. The annual protected matchups are Boston College-Syracuse, Boston College-Pitt, Syracuse-Pitt, North Carolina-Virginia, North Carolina-Duke, North Carolina-NC State, NC State-Wake Forest, NC State-Duke, Duke-Wake Forest, Virginia Tech-Virginia, Florida State-Clemson, Miami-Florida State, Miami-Virginia Tech, Stanford-Cal, Stanford-SMU, and Cal-SMU.

Assuming the Tigers are still in the ACC during the life of this schediuling model, the Tigers will play the following league members:

Home: Louisville, NC State, Virginia, Stanford
Away: Pitt, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Florida State

Home: Syracuse, Duke, Florida State, SMU
Away: Boston College, Louisville, North Carolina, Georgia Tech

Home: North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Miami (Fla.)
Away: Syracuse, Duke, Florida State, Cal

Home: Boston College, Wake Forest, Florida State, Stanford
Away: Louisville, NC State, Virginia Tech, SMU

Home: Syracuse, Louisville, NC State, Pitt
Away: Virginia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Stanford

Home: Virginia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, Cal
Away: Pitt, North Carolina, Miami (Fla.), SMU

Home: North Carolina, Duke, Virginia Tech, Miami (Fla.)
Away: Boston College, Wake Forest, Florida State, Cal

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