#ACCKickoff: Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney and players (OG) Matt Bockhorst, (LB) James Skalski and QB DJ Uiagalelei (AUDIO)

The Clemson Tigers and head coach Dabo Swinney drew by far the biggest media crowd at #ACCKickoff (Maggie Boulton/ACC)

The Clemson Tigers wrapped up #ACCKickoff on Thursday in front of a capacity crowd inside the grand ballroom at the Westin Hotel in Uptown Charlotte. Head coach Dabo Swinney was asked multiple questions regarding the new name, image, and likeness legislation. Swinney bristled when his past comments regarding the professionalization of college athletics were brought up. The veteran head coach clarified those statements by saying that, “I’ve never been apprehensive about NIL. People believe what they want to believe. This is common sense.”

Dabo reiterated his statements from this past Tuesday at the Clemson media availability regarding the expansion of the college football playoffs. “My opinion doesn’t mean anything because that train’s left the station. I think expansion of the playoff is inevitable. I think the conversation needs to be, how do we get it right for the player? How do we save the bowls? If we gonna expand, you should talk about the season as well. Maybe you go to eleven games instead of asking these guys to play more.”

That message seems to be a common thread in the locker room as well. Offensive guard Matt Bockhorst was one of three players representing the Tigers and he parroted the thoughts of his head coach. “I don’t necessarily feel comfortable adding another game. I think that if we’re going to talk about expansion of the playoff, we also need to consider shortening the regular season.”

James Skalski and DJ Uiagalelei were the other two Tigers in attendance and had some interesting things to say. Uiagalelei elaborated on his recent N.I.L. deal with Bojangles and how important religion, football, and chicken are to the South.

You can listen to the Tigers complete appearance at the #ACCKickoff below …

CU HC Dabo Swinney & Players

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