New Presbyterian football coach Kevin Kelly on SportsTalk (AUDIO)

Kevin Kelly introduced at PC Friday (PC Athletics)

Presbyterian College introduced Kevin Kelly as its new head football coach Friday afternoon. Kelly, a highly successful high school coach in Arkansas, replaces Tommy Spangler who was not retained after this spring season.

Kelly is the 16th head coach in PC history. He had over 200 wins and won nine state championships at Pulaski Academy in Little Rock. Kelly, perhaps, is most noted for eschewing the punt almost entirely during his coaching career. And he doesn’t plan to ditch that approach just because he’s moving up to the college ranks.

Kevin Kelly on SportsTalk

2 thoughts on “New Presbyterian football coach Kevin Kelly on SportsTalk (AUDIO)”

  1. I really look forward to seeing how this guy does…..I will plan to attend a game in Clinton. I think he will do well….I hope Beamer keeps an eye on what happens.
    Who knows ? Coach Kelly does well a couple of years,,,proof of concept with little upgrade in competition .
    Liked his comments on “Money Ball” was a great movie..interesting topic.. Thx for sharing interview !

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