Martin displays defensive skills in postseason wrap up presser (AUDIO)

Frank Martin disputed all claims that his job was in jeopardy at USC following this past season (Chris Gillespie)

USC basketball coach Frank Martin thrives on defense, and he was plenty defensive in his first meeting with the media since the end of the season. During the nearly 90 minute session, Martin insisted media reports and Internet speculation that he was going to lose his job after a six win season were completely wrong. On several occasions, Martin chided the media and suggested they get better sources.

Martin said if the administration wanted to fire him, they would have done so, and instead they gave him a contract extension of two years. Martin acknowledged the extension did not include everything he wanted, but he was happy for it nonetheless.

Martin took full responsibility for the problems of the past season and vowed to fix those problems. He said things started coming apart after losing at Houston in December and then having to shut down for Covid. There was a second shut down as well, and he pointed out that there were no full team practices from the day after the Houston game until the day after the LSU game in January.

As for his roster, Martin said the four transfers are all excellent pick ups for the program. He also said he expects Keyshawn Bryant and Jermaine Couisnard, who are exploring draft options without signing with agents, to return. He said he’s not expecting any other players to exit the program besides the five who are in the portal, unless AJ Lawson decides to enter the draft.

As for Seventh Woods, Martin said he is still evaluating whether he wants to return for another season or move on professionally. Woods is also dealing with recovering from a severe groin injury. If Woods returns to take advantage of the free season, he would not count against the 13 scholarship limit.

Frank Martin press conference

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