#STRecruiting: Ungar dives into his final five

Lukas Ungar

TE Lukas Ungar of Morristown, NJ named his top five the end of last week.  From all his offers, Ungar settled on Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State and Stanford as the schools he will focus on moving forward in recruiting.  Clemson offered Ungar in December and the Tigers moved into a position of prominence right away.

“Clemson is obviously a great program and it is a position of need at the Tigers,” Ungar said.  “Clemson is a school that speaks for itself. It would be amazing to play for the number one team in the country and play for coach Swinney and coach Pearman.”

Ungar said in deciding on his five finalists, he found that each could meet the criteria he’s looking for in his ultimate choice.

“Developing me as a player to my fullest potential so I can get to the next level, chance to win a championship, compliments my educational experience, and usage of tight ends,” he said.

‘I am still building a relationship with coach Hartley from Georgia. Georgia develops great tight ends including Isaac Nauta, who is my favorite tight end. I really like Kevin Wilson from Ohio State. Ohio State is always a top contender and uses their tight ends effectively. Tyler Bowen from Penn State and I have gotten to know each other during the last year. Penn State uses their tight end a lot which and is great to see. Stanford very effectively uses their tight ends and does an amazing job of developing tight ends that do well in the NFL. Coach Morgan Turner has visited my head coach at Delbarton three times and watched one of my basketball games.”

And, one more point about each school stood out with Ungar.

“All 5 of these schools compete at a high level every year.”

Ungar will be visiting all of the schools before rendering his decision.

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