#STRecruiting: DE CJ Jackson says he and #Gamecocks are having some strong conversations

CJ Jackson

In the relatively early stages of his recruitment, DE Christopher (CJ) Jackson (6-4 220) of Tucker, GA thought he would up at Clemson. He visited Clemson last summer, for a game last fall and for a junior day in late January. He included the Tigers in his top ten when he dropped that several weeks ago. But circumstances and interests can change over time in recruiting, and that happened with Jackson and Clemson.

While the Tigers slipped off his radar, USC, which also is in his top ten, has become a larger blip on it, and Jackson is planning on visiting as soon as he can.

“We kind of built a strong relationship early on but it kind of fell off,” Jackson said of Clemson.  “South Carolina, yes sir.  I was trying to save my officials for schools I really, really knew I wanted to go to, and I really had interest in.  Now that I found it was unlimited, I tried to jump on late, and some of those slots got filled up.  Me and South Carolina are still trying to work out a date to come up there.”

Gamecock defensive ends coach Sterling Lucas has been recruiting Jackson.

“He sends me text messages with motivational quotes,” Jackson said.  “He came up to the school like three times to see me.  He was like, man you’ve got to come up there.  He was like, they get a lot of guys that are not really interested, but as soon as they get them on campus, they jump up in their recruitment process and they become options.  He was just like, he would love to get me up there.  He’s been trying for a long time.  I’ve been busy with school and all these other visits I’m taking.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting up there.”

Jackson added that he just heard from the Gamecocks again earlier this week.

“Couple of days ago.  They texted me and my mom,” Jackson said.  “They saw my top ten.  They got a group chat with me and my mom and they were like appreciate the love for putting them in my top ten.  They were just saying that they want to get me up there soon.”

Jackson said he might take an unofficial visit to USC this summer then set an official visit for the fall.

“I feel like they are interested pretty strong,” Jackson said.  “My position coach came to my school about four or five times.  He came a couple of times before spring practice, he came during spring practice, and he came after we got finish too.  We’ve been chopping it up.  We’ve built a great relationship.  I feel like they are big on me.”

Last weekend Jackson visited Alabama and participated in camp workouts. Alabama is another school in his top ten.

“It was great.  It was my second time going.  I actually worked out with Keon (Keely) and another guy,” Jackson said.  “We were just getting after it, competing and things like that.  I loved it.  Great atmosphere.  I could definitely see myself being coached by Coach (Coleman) Hutzler.”

Jackson will take his first official visit this weekend to LSU. He is planning an unofficial visit to Oklahoma in late July. He said he will also take official visits to Georgia and Georgia Tech in the fall, and one to Alabama for the Texas game. He’s also looking at other official visits later on, including USC. Jackson said the fact some of his favorite schools might fill up at his position while he delays a decision is not a worry.

“My feeling on it is if they hold a spot, they are really invested and they really want me,” Jackson said.  “I want to be somewhere where they really put an emphasis on having me there.  If they say the spots are filled up, I just feel like that’s not the place for me.”  

Jacksons said he doesn’t have a leader at this point though he does like Oklahoma a lot. The others in his top ten are Texas A&M, Auburn and Colorado.

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