Former #Gamecocks star DT Javon Kinlaw confronts a 49ers beat reporter on YouTube

Javon Kinlaw has had mixed results in his two NFL seasons (Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA)

Former USC defensive tackle Javon Kinlaw was a first-round draft pick of San Francisco in 2020, and in his rookie season he totaled 33 tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3 tackles for loss an interception he returned 27 yards for a touchdown and 4 pass deflections. Last season, hampered by ongoing knee issues, Kinlaw appeared in four games and had eight tackles with no sacks.

A credentialed member of the 49ers media named Grant Cohn has been a harsh critic of Kinlaw, and apparently the two exchanged words earlier in the week at the team’s practice facility. Further, Kinlaw appeared in a YouTube interview on Cohn’s channel to confront him about his criticism.

We are printing this story with the video for two reasons: 1) It involves a former high-profile athlete from our state; and 2) It’s another example of the decaying of journalism by way of various social media outlets.


2 thoughts on “Former #Gamecocks star DT Javon Kinlaw confronts a 49ers beat reporter on YouTube”

  1. After reading the headline and caption, I went to the video thinking Kinlaw was going to be unfairly portrayed by an “Internet Fanboy,” who had no business being credentialed by a Pro franchise… BUT, after watching that NON-SENSE, its clear that Javon Kinlaw is a way-too-sensitive, moronic bully!!! And what the hell was in his mouth??? He didn’t have the dignity to spit out what ever was in his mouth WAY TOO long to get into a discussion with a critic… BUT, it’s obvious he had no intention of having a discussion, the BIG, BAD NFL Star athlete was going to intimidate the little non-athlete reporter AND WORSE, he just kept screaming, “keep my name out yo mouth… you don’t know me… I got kids man, keep my name out yo mouth!!!” That the sign of a stupid moron who has no argument, just that the Star NFL player is going to put the little reporter in his place! I hope the guy keeps tearing Kinlaw’s ass apart, until Kinlaw understands that he can’t bully his way to favorable coverage!

    1. I made the same assumption. Disappointed to see Kinlaw use a racial slur. It’s disparaging to hold him to a lower standard just because he’s in the NFL.

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