#STRecruiting: “They left a good impression.” GG Jackson’s father on the weekend visit with #Gamecocks

GG Jackson

From the outside looking in at the weekend official visit to USC by 6-10 GG Jackson of Ridge View, everything looked just right for the Gamecocks. Jackson was coming off a Friday night playoff win and was able to watch up close as the Gamecocks defeated LSU. He was treated regally as he met with current and former players and got a deeper look inside the program Frank Martin has built over 10 years. For both sides, it was as near a perfect official visit weekend that could be had.

Jackson’s family was with him on the visit and his father said the outpouring of affection from the fans made the visit extra special.

“I think the hometown love,” Greg Jackson said.  “It’s good to feel it from other places, but when your own folks in town are chanting your name, I think that meant a lot to him.”

One of the most important aspects of the visit to Greg Jackson was learning more about the University’s plans for handling NIL opportunities for his son. He was more than satisfied with what he was told.

“Got a chance to talk with the AD, coach (Ray) Tanner, had a good conversation with him,” Jackson said.  “He explained a lot about how they are going to handle the NIL stuff for the student-athletes at USC.  That was important.  We talked with (Sr. Deputy AD) Chance Miller and he broke it down on how they are going to have that in-house and how it’s going to be structured.  I thought it was really good.  A lot of places are still trying to figure it out, but I think USC really has a handle on how they are going to approach this thing.  My main thing was how’s it going to be managed.  If money is involved, taxes are involved, you want to be sure you aren’t violating any rules, and that was important.”

There also was some fun time to be had with the staff and the players, and Jackson said that also went well.

“All the coaches were great,” Jackson said.  “He got the chance to hang out with the players Saturday night and he had a good time.  (James) Reese, Devin Carter and Brandon Martin, they were the ones that took him around.”

The Gamecocks, Duke, North Carolina and Georgetown seem to be the most involved at this point as they are the ones who have had official visits from Jackson. They weren’t ready to share any definitive information with Martin on a decision once the visit ended on Sunday at his house, but they have a plan in mind.

“We told them we are going to sit down as a family,” Jackson said.  “We got a check list on a board.  We are going to go back and look and see who hit the main checks and come up with a decision pretty soon.  It won’t be this week because we’re trying to focus on the state championship.  They understood that.  They left a good impression, a really good impression.  They did a really good job. I have my personal favorite, but at the end of the day, who’s going to have those values that we have at home.  What coach is going to stress that.  What coach is going to hold him accountable?  What coach has the experience to manage a talent like his? Those type things.”  

There are also other decisions for the Jacksons to make, like the potential of reclassifying to 2022 and coming out now.

“There’s pros and cons to that,” Jackson said.  “Is his body ready?  Is he mature enough to handle it or do we need that one more year to get ready.  Those type things.  Academic wise, that’s no problem.  He’s ahead in his classes anyway.  Some big decisions have got to be made here in a couple of weeks.”

If GG Jackson stays in high school, they also will have to decide if he will return to Ridge View or play elsewhere next season, perhaps Oak Hill Academy in Virginia where his current coach will be next season. Jackson is a highly sought after recruit for his length, athleticism and ability to handle the ball like a guard, making him a threat in isolation situations: (What is the Meaning of Iso In Basketball? – HOOPSBEAST (hoopsbeast.com)

GG Jackson plans to drop a list of 5-6 top schools sometime this week according to his father. He still has one more official visit he could make, and schools like Florida State, Auburn and Texas A&M have been in touch. The family has not decided if they are finished with junior visits or will take that fifth one.

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