Micah Morris

One of the biggest prospects to visit USC over the weekend, both in stature (6-4 335) and recruiting profile (4-star) was OL Micah Morris of Kingsland, GA. Morris came in with his parents for what he estimated to be his sixth visit with the Gamecocks. It was a good opportunity for him to reconnect with the coaches he’s known and the new ones on campus.

“The visit was great,” Morris said. “I was able to see the facilities again, talk to the new coaches, the new strength coach,, the new coordinator, get more acclimated with them and more use to them at South Carolina. (OL coach Eric) Wolford told me how bad they want me at South Carolina and I’d be a great fit.”

Because he’s been to USC so many times in the past, Morris has seen the campus, the dorms and the facilities. So, except for the people, there’s wasn’t much new for him to explore this time.

“I’ve been there so many times, I’ve done everything there is to do there,” Morris said. “The nice thing for me was to see the new guys that came in. They seem like great people, seem to be moving in the right direction.”

USC remains in the lead group for Morris along with Clemson, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Alabama and Auburn. They are in a solid place with him but there’s more work for him to do.

“I have to go to all the other schools still and compare to this,” he said.

Morris is set to visit Georgia February 1st and he’ll go to Florida in March. He’ll also visit Alabama at some point. He said Muschamp plans to visit his school this Wednesday or Thursday.

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