#STRecruiting: Young in-state lineman gets a look at #Clemson

Chase Sweigart

Clemson has gotten an early start with a promising lineman in the 2022 class. Chase Sweigart (6-5 270) already has the size for a major college lineman. Now he just has to work on his skills, and he has plenty of time to do that. Time will tell if he becomes that level of player, but Clemson offensive line coach Robbie Caldwell must believe so. He’s been working with Sweigart for years and saw him at the spring game earlier this month.

“I have been attending Clemson’s youth camp since the second grade and working with coach Caldwell since the fifth grade,” Sweigart said. “Coach Caldwell was the first coach to greet me at the door of the new complex, then followed by Maverick Morris who I’ve gotten to know over the last few years. I also got to talk to Coach Venables, who invited me.”

Sweigart already was very familiar with the people and facilities at Clemson. The spring game visit, however, gave him the chance to build on his relationships there even more.

“As always, they were very friendly to me and my family,” Sweigart said. “The coaches discussed with me getting stronger, doing the right things to stay healthy. Also, just work on improving weak points. I enjoyed my time there with other recruits and playing ping pong and bowling and many other things after we ate great food. Then we got to the field and I watched the offensive lineman warm up. After the game we went into the locker room to here Coach Swinney’s post game speech. I look forward to going back up for the camp and games this season.”

Sweigart said Clemson has been the only school to recruit him thus far but he’ll be going to other camps this summer in hopes of gaining more exposure.

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