#STRecruiting: 2025 RB Gideon Davidson commits to #Clemson

Gideon Davidson

The 2024 recruiting class for Dabo Swinney and Clemson is far from complete, but the Tigers have already struck gold for their 2025 class. Highly regarded RB Gideon Davidson (5-11 184) of Lynchburg, VA announced Wednesday his commitment to Clemson becoming the Tigers’ first pledge in his class.

A second could follow Friday in QB Blake Hebert (6-4 215) of Lawrence, MA. He has set Friday for his commitment announcement. He camped at Clemson earlier this month and was offered by Swinney and quarterbacks coach Garrett Riley.

Sunday Davidson released a top ten list of Clemson, Michigan, Oregon, Southern Cal, Penn State, Ohio State, Colorado, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Iowa State. Virginia was his first offer in the eighth grade, but Clemson running backs coach CJ Spiller moved in on him quickly as well.

Davidson visited a number of the schools on his short list, but Clemson drew him more than any other, including camps, games and recruiting events. He was officially offered May 31st, the first day Swinney sent out offers to the 2025 class. He committed on the spot.

“I love the culture at Clemson,” Davidson said. “Genuine family feeling. A sense that they care about me beyond my football ability. Emphasize academics. I really think I’m going to like the PAW program. Players and/or coaches not getting in trouble or having incidents off the field. They want to win. They expect to win. And they win a lot. I like that. Coach Spiller is amazing. He is a humble legend. We have built up a good relationship over the last two years. I can’t wait to play for him.”

Davidson said he narrowed his decision to Clemson, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Ohio State.

As a freshman, Davidson rushed for 1241 yards and 19 touchdowns while averaging 11 yards per carry. Last season he rushed for 1392 yards and 23 touchdowns.

Davidson is a native of Northern Ghana who lost his mother at an early age and was adopted by an American family as a baby. He released this statement regarding his life and his recruitment:

The Glory of the Impossible.

That’s our vision statement as a family. We always want to be in position to experience the glory of the impossible, whereby, God works in and through us beyond anything we can dream or image and God & God alone receives ALL THE GLORY.

I was born in Northern Ghana. After my father died my wonderful mom struggled to provide for us so me and two of my brothers went to live in an orphanage in Accra. I was only 1 1/2 at the time. After a year there I was adopted by one American family for two years and then we were all given back up for adoption two and half years later.

The Davidsons adopted us on November 11th, 2011 and they became our forever family. They all loved soccer, and we were from a big soccer country BUT my big brother Josh wanted to play American football and my brother Caleb & I followed his footsteps.

Today I am committing to play American football at Clemson University starting in January of 2025.

Now that’s a glory of the impossible story. Haha…

I received my first college football offer in the 8th grade from UVA, that will always be a very special day for me. That day I knew I could further my education and football career at the next level.

On the recruiting journey I’ve had lots of fun traveling to different colleges, watching incredible games like Tennessee vs Alabama and Ohio State vs Notre Dame and Seeing sports superstars like Lebron James and Peyton Manning. At the facilities I met some amazing recruiting directors and visit hosts. But building relationships with RB coaches has been the most fun. They taught me a lot just through our conversations and I appreciate all of them very much.

From the start of the process our family prayed a lot that I might have the wisdom to know which ONE was the one for me. We decided early on not to chase offers or go on a lot of visits or to a lot of extra camps due to time and for budget reasons. We used other means to learn a lot about the programs, schools, football cultures on and off the field and coaches. That worked well for us.

In the end choosing the ONE for me became really clear. Yes there were a number of places I think I could have fit in well and been a good fit for both the college team and me but ONE was the best fit for me when everything was factored in:
I considered academics, culture on and off the field by the players & staff, opportunity to win a national championship, developing a really good relationship with a rb coach who played at a high level, a school & fb program really interested in preparing me well for life after football, use of rbs in their offensive scheme, had a real good student Christian ministry and if possible within 6 hours of home. Clemson had all of those factors thats why I went ALL IN.
No value was placed on NIL.

The Offer:

So when coach Swinney called me on May 31 and offered me a scholarship to play at Clemson University I accepted and committed on the spot surrounded by my family. Only my mom and Dad knew that I was going to do that. My family started yelling and screaming with joy and total excitement. Everyone was clapping loud and crazy like when I score a touchdown. Coach Spiller was jumping up and down while Coach Swinney went crazy too even turning his hat around on his head. It was so much fun!!! WHAT A DAY!!!

I will attend Clemson University starting in January 2025. But for the next two football seasons I will be focused on playing for the LCA BULLDOGS under the leadership of Coach Frank Rocco.


I am thankful to all who have encouraged and invested into my life along this Glory of the Impossible Journey I’ve been on. My Mom and Dad, my six siblings, 8 nieces and nephews, other family members, teammates, coaches, friends, teachers and my 434 competitors I am indebted to you all.

Yet I’m indebted to Jesus Christ most of all for being my Lord and Savior and the Spirit of God guiding me in making this college decision.

To God be the glory,

Gideon Davidson.

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