Frank Martin on his first season at UMass and the world of college basketball (AUDIO)

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Frank Martin remains a large figure in the world of college basketball (Chris Gillespie)

It’s been a little more than a year since USC and Frank Martin parted ways. It didn’t take long for the veteran basketball coach to find a new home. He was hired at UMass and began the rebuilding process with the Minutemen with a 15-16 record.

Wednesday night Martin joined us on SportsTalk for a wide-ranging interview covering his first season at UMass and the current state of college basketball in this era of NIL and free transfers.

Frank Martin on SportsTalk

1 thought on “Frank Martin on his first season at UMass and the world of college basketball (AUDIO)”

  1. Thank you Phil …staying in touch with BEST basketball coach USC has ever had in its history ! Great person…Hope Coach Paris surpasses him!
    Martin did MORE with less…USC MBB budget, facilities at bottom or near it in SEC because another basketball coach (who is at top of SEC in money, resources) insists on “equality” despite losing $4 million / yr …
    (ditto baseball coach …anybody notice new Clemson baseball coach in a much easier conf gets paid nearly 50% more than USC head coach …next year jumps to nearly 100% more?..Our head coach position in baseball is bottom third of SEC salaries !! Our brand is greater than our financial commitment to baseball .the .numbers don’t lie)
    Our men’s sports (2 of the big 3 ) are not getting funded like they should !!! “Getting old” to witness this trend…
    Sounds like we going full “Bud Lt” We see how that turning out!

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