Charleston Southern HC Autry Denson joins #SportsTalk to discuss the upcoming season (AUDIO)

CSU kicks off the 2022 season at home on September 3rd vs. Western Carolina (Jim Killian/CSU Sports)

Head coaching requires a lot of skill, talent, and a good bit of energy. Those words sum up Charleston Southern’s Autry Denson to the letter. The all-time leading rusher in Notre Dame football history, Denson is getting ready for his fourth season (third full campaign) at the helm of the Buccaneers program. And according to him, he’s exactly where he’s supposed to be, doing what he’s been led to do.

“I’m very intentional that this is a football ministry,” Denson told #SportsTalk on Wednesday. “I got into coaching after God led me back to it. From a community standpoint, or anything I’m doing, it is discipleship, it is missionary work, I’m just enjoying being out and just trying to encourage and provide hope when we really need that right now in our country.”

Despite losing his starting quarterback (Jack Chambers/NC State) and one of his best defensive players (Shaundre Mims/ECU), Denson remains a fan of the transfer portal as long as his players honor their commitment to CSU. “I still believe college football is meant to be used to make sure we develop young people for life. And that first commitment is graduation, and I don’t feel like that should be negotiated.”

Charleston Southern opens the new season on September 3rd at home versus Western Carolina.

CSU 2022 Football Schedule

CSU HC Autry Denson — SportsTalk Conversation (06-09)

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