Muschamp sees Wednesday’s practice as pushing players thru the grind (VIDEO) #Gamecocks

TE Will Register has been one of the surprises of fall camp at USC (SC Athletics)

It’s September 2nd and USC has yet to hit the halfway point of its pre-season camp. That feels odd, of course, but the new calendar forced by Covid-19 has turned most of September into a practice period instead of games. The Gamecocks still have over three weeks until their opener, and head coach Will Muschamp said after Wednesday’s they’ve reached that point where players have to fight thru that mental wall that builds as camp moves on.

Here are quotes from Muschamp following practice provided by USC:

“When we get fatigued, it hasn’t always been good, and that’s frustrating. That’s kind of the situation that we’re in. It’s been a little different camp as far as that’s concerned. But we’ve got to continue to push through and continue to build more mental toughness. We had a good four-minute exercise today as far as the offense trying to get a first down to ice the game and to win the game. We had to punt and cover the punt, and it was a good punt – over a 40-yard punt. Then we had to defend a one-minute drive. We made some improvements. We continue to work situationally. We’ll get some more one-minute done tomorrow and then we’ll scrimmage Saturday night in the stadium.”

The Gamecocks have moved their Saturday scrimmage at Williams-Brice to night. As a result, Muschamp won’t do a Zoom with the media until Sunday night at 6:00 PM.

Following practice, USC’s Steve Fink conducted interviews with TE Will Register and LB Damani Staley which were shared with the media:

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