#Gamecocks Staley shares perspective on Blake shooting, team culture and race in America (VIDEO)

South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley will have a role in the newly formed SEC Council on Racial Equity and Social Justice. (Travis Bell/SIDELINE CAROLINA)

South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley met with the media via Zoom, Friday, to share her thoughts on the landscape of sports in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting.

Staley spoke passionately about what she sees as her role as a head coach, “I want them (players) to be able to digest what’s happening. I want them to feel whatever it is that they are feeling. The last few days, I did it purposely, I didn’t say anything because I wanted them to say something to me. But last night I thought, I’m here to help them navigate …. I’m hesitant to bring these things up because I’m afraid of them taking on my views. I don’t want them to do that because I want them to be individuals, I want them to feel how they feel.”

Staley hasn’t felt the need to be heard on every social issue, but something stirring inside led her to speak out, “Everything that I do is led by my heart. My heart led me to the University of South Carolina, and I don’t know why. But as I continue to live in this community, I see why … My purpose was more than coming here to win championships and I didn’t know what that was. But it’s unveiling itself. My heart is telling me to speak out. I’m the coach of 11 young ladies, nine of them are black and two of them are white and we have to coexist.”

Staley went on to say that she recognizes everyone may not share her view, “If someone felt differently, trust me, we would give them the space to talk and express themselves and work through things. That’s the beautiful thing about being part of a team. You come from different backgrounds and when you open yourself up to learning about different viewpoints, different perspectives, then go make it work. Play with someone and have their back.”

Staley plans to have a Zoom meeting with the team Friday night.

Dawn Staley

3 thoughts on “#Gamecocks Staley shares perspective on Blake shooting, team culture and race in America (VIDEO)”

  1. Bottom line you obey the police and don’t resist and fight you don’t get shot. I’m tired of the media painting a one sided picture

  2. The media and far-left continue to push the narrative of anti-police and some citizens seem to have the notion that they want to make themselves martyrs for the cause. There’s a growing push to completely abolish the police in many cities throughout the United States. Do these same people that have such deep hatred for the police realize what they’re asking for? Do they not understand that without police anarchy and lawlessness will rule. Who will enforce the law, who will make an arrest if someone breaks into your home and decides to steal your valuable possessions or much worse? Who will arrest someone for shooting you over a dispute, etc. etc.

    Answer: if there are no police it’ll be solely up to regular citizens to protect themselves from criminals. It’ll be the Wild West or likely much worse.

  3. all these people they are marching/kneeling for were criminals and broke the law. If they had not resisted they would still be alive. go back and watch the whole video not just the clip the media shows.There is racism on both sides not just one side the media tries to push.

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