Beamer, Drayton join Matt Smith on SportsTalk from SC Coaches for Charity (AUDIO)

A big night in Charleston Monday night for the South Carolina Coaches for Charity annual gala presented by the Fisher DeBerry Foundation. A record crowd was reported for the 14th annual event held at the Marriott. They were on hand to hear from Shane Beamer, Dabo Swinney, Maurice Drayton, Buddy Pough, Shawn Watson, Clay Hendrix and Gabe Giardina.

Each coach used the event to meet and greet fans, raise money for a selected charity, and to honor an individual for their good work in the community.

Matt Smith of SportsTalk was in Charleston and was able to sit down with Beamer and Drayton separately for exclusive interviews Monday night.

Shane Beamer with Matt Smith

Maurice Drayton with Matt Smith

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