#STRecruiting: Coach says Barham enjoyed visit with #Gamecocks

LB Jaishawn Barham (6-3 230) of Baltimore is a highly coveted prospect by USC, and he made his official visit with the Gamecocks over the weekend. Barham plays for the highly regarded St. Frances program in Baltimore and is leaving Tuesday for a trip to the West Coast and a game against national power De La Salle.

His coach, Messay Hailemariam, said he got a chance Monday to talk briefly with Barham about his visit with the Gamecocks.

“He just said it was a good time and they enjoyed him and his family,” Hailemariam said.  “It seemed like he liked it.  Jaishawn is a man of few words to say the least.  He generally kind of keeps to himself on what he thinks and why he wants to do something.  I’m assuming he wouldn’t have had a visit set up unless it was really serious for him.  There are plenty of others places he could go that “will be a prettier place,” meaning the beach, West Coast, whatever.  Some people use visits for a getaway as opposed to contemplating a school.  What I know of him, he’s looking for a place that he feels comfortable and thriving, a very competitive environment.  I’m sure he wants to contribute to that program as soon as he can.  Seems like that’s one of the places that he’s talked about to me and his family.”

Hailemariam said Penn State, Maryland and Florida are three other programs Barham seems to be strongly interested in. He took an official visit to Penn State earlier this month, and according to his coach, he doesn’t have any other visits scheduled at this point.

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