Regardless of how his team finishes, Sheridan Jones is already a winner (AUDIO) #Clemson

Sheridan Jones grabbed an interception against Miami on Saturday (

Clemson starting cornerback Sheridan Jones is learning that wins aren’t always a product of on-the-field performance. Sometimes victory can be found much closer to home.

“I was dealing with bad headaches throughout the week, just trying to push through it. As we got into Saturday, it was getting worse throughout the week, so then as we were going to the stadium, it was pretty bad on the bus,” Jones said in explaining his absence from the Wake Forest game on October 7th. “And then, after Tiger Walk, I went into the locker room and just told them how I was feeling. I was just feeling pretty bad, and that’s their number one job, just to make sure the players are physically and mentally able to go, and they did a good job of monitoring me and making sure that I got better. So, kudos to our training staff for that.”

Jones admitted he was tested for arteriovenous malformation (AVM), which is a brain issue that his late father had when he died. Jones has been dealing with similar symptoms, but fortunately, all the tests have come back negative.

“When my father passed, he had an AVM, so he passed away with two seizures because he had an aneurysm on his brain,” Jones confessed. “Everything (the tests) came back good, so that was good. It was a little scary, definitely for me and my mother as well.”

So as Jones and the Tigers get ready for NC State this weekend, he takes on the Wolfpack with the knowledge that he’s already succeeded in tackling a rather tough opponent.

Clemson CB Sheridan Jones — Monday Media Availability

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