Dabo Swinney Sunday night conference call (AUDIO) #Clemson

Beaux Collins (80) is congratulated by Jake Briningstool (9) after scoring a touchdown Saturday (Sideline Carolina)

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney said last Wednesday that if his team plays offense the way it did against Duke, the Tigers won’t lose another game. However, there was a caveat to Swinney’s proclamation, and that was turnovers. And though the Tigers dominated Charleston Southern on Saturday, Swinney was back on his soap box during his Sunday night teleconference.

“We’ve got to take care of the ball; it’s just that simple,” Swinney told the media. “It’s hard to win games. You can be a very average team when you’re losing the turnover margin. That will make you average quick.”

The Tigers were a minus-one in the turnover margin on Saturday, with fourteen of Charleston Southern’s points coming off Clemson mistakes.

Swinney also praised the play of his offensive line and the tempo at which his offense operated. Plus, he explained the timeout he took right before the end of the first quarter as the Tigers were going into score.

Dabo Swinney Sunday Night Conference Call

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