Talking Tuesday: Beamer, #Gamecocks readying for Tar Heels (AUDIO)

USC coach Shane Beamer looks for great game Saturday vs North Carolina

Shane Beamer was in good spirits Tuesday at his first game week press conference of the season despite what he called a “disappointing” practice Tuesday morning. Beamer said he did not see the game week intensity in some position groups he expected to see and added that the Gamecocks will lose Saturday night in Charlotte to North Carolina if they play like they practiced today.

Some of Beamer’s key comments Tuesday:

  • Geer, Bam-Scott, Cox are questionable, everyone else good to go, Wells and Harbor practiced today and expects them to be ready Saturday night.
  • Big challenge in North Carolina, a team that was 9-1 at one point last season, didn’t end season the way they wanted to, lost several close games down the stretch, lots of respect for Mack Brown.
  • Great offense led by Maye, a big challenge for their defense, they have weapons on the outside, veteran OL returning, talented RBs, two fantastic LBs and a front four that’s disruptive, new faces in secondary.
  • UNC knows they didn’t play great defense last year but they’ve done things to improve there with new coaches and probably some new wrinkles.
  • It’s a little nerve-wracking to have to depend on several freshmen to play early, would love to have veterans at every positive, excited for the young guys, wouldn’t be out there if they weren’t talented.
  • They’ve tried to make changes to the offense to allow Rattler play the way he can play and he continues to get better.
  • Some things are still to be determined on the depth chart but feels good about where they are overall.
  • Believes Rattler is being overlooked nationally in the conversation about the best quarterbacks in the country, kind of taken back by the lack of recognition in the pre-season, Maye and Rattler are two really good QBs, knows Brown is happy with Maye and he’s ecstatic to have Rattler.
  • If North Carolina is able to run the ball and with Maye doing his thing with the pass, it’s going to be a long night for them. They have to tackle well in space, stop the run, put pressure on Maye.
  • Lots of respect for (SC State coach) Buddy Pough, talked to him Friday night after his retirement announcement, very happy for him but sad to see him leave the sport.
  • Noted that South Florda had 37 “Ors” on their depth chart. “That’s awesome.” Said “Ors” mean there’s still competition going on at those spots. The guys listed on the depth chart you will see and will also see some not on the two-deep.

Shane Beamer Tuesday press conference

QB Shane Rattler

RB Dakereon Joyner

DT Alex Huntley

SAF DQ Smith

WR Eddie Lewis

TE Joshua Simon

LB Stone Blanton

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