Coordinators Corner: #Gamecocks OC Satterfield, DC White and STC Lembo review Georgia State game and preview Arkansas (AUDIO)

Gamecocks celebrate after one of their blocked punts for a touchdown against Georgia State (Chris Gillespie)

The USC coordinators now have some meat to chew on after last weekend’s opening game. They each saw good things to build on and bad things to work on. For Marcus Satterfield, it’s improving the running game and edge blocking. For Clayton White, it’s getting young guys in the secondary to grow up quickly. And for Pete Lembo, well, there wasn’t much his unit to improve on from Saturday considering the two blocked punts for touchdowns, the two long made field goals and the fake field goal that led to a touchdown.

The three USC coordinators each met with the media Wednesday afternoon to break down the good and the bad from the Georgia State game and to look ahead to this week’s game at Arkansas.

Marcus Satterfield

Clayton White

Pete Lembo

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