#STRecruiting: #Clemson 2023 QB recruiting focus zeroes in on Arch Manning

Arch Manning gets instruction from Dabo Swinney in a camp last summer (TigerNet)

Clemson quarterbacks coach Brandon Streeter was back out on the road last week, the first time in two years the coaching staff has been able to visit prospects in person, and one of his first stops was New Orleans to check in on 2023 quarterback prospect Arch Manning of Isidore Newman. Due to NCAA rules, Streeter couldn’t meet with Manning himself, but he was able to communicate through Isidore head coach Nelson Stewart.

Stewart said a number of coaches were in to see Manning last week including Texas head coach Steve Sarkisian.

“It’s crazy. I think that everybody’s doing a lot of catch up. We have a lot of coaches that haven’t been able to even come on campus in two years,” according to Stewart. “That’s why Streeter was laughing saying ‘I’m getting used to this again.’ This is what was my life was like before, but it’s chaotic. We’ve had usually two or three Power 5 guys a day, but we just try and stay organized. We’ve had Coach Streeter and then Jake Peetz from LSU and Jeff Lebby from Ole Miss. And obviously Sark and a few others. So, it’s been chaotic, and they come but thankfully, I just try and balance the schedule. I’ll balance my time and just be fair to everybody. It’s certainly unique, unlike anything I have been a part of.”

Stewart said that part of Streeter’s message was that the program is heading in the right direction despite some of this season’s struggles.

“He has a lot of confidence. I think that one thing that he conveys is the Clemson culture and belief in what they do,” Stewart said. “I enjoyed talking to him as much about Clemson as getting on the board. We actually went through some concepts, stuff he liked, why he liked it. You can tell he’s just a great teacher. I really think he has a good understanding of quarterback-playing concepts. And I think again, just you see, that authenticity, his relationship with Coach (Dabo) Swinney, Coach (Tony) Elliott. We talked about all that. I think his message is just that Clemson is in a great spot.

Streeter also relayed to Stewart how important the signal caller is in Clemson’s attack.

“They really tried to adapt what they do around their quarterback. You can see that in the run game just like he’s always been, doesn’t force anything. He’s rock-solid, does it the right way. I think I enjoyed seeing him as much as anything. Just a chance to talk ball and talk to just a great guy.”

Stewart added that the conversation quickly pivoted over to personnel and perhaps another Clemson target that plays for his school.

“We talked about how they adapt what they do to their personnel, which I think is really important. We have a really outstanding tight end in Will Randall, and he actually used much of his time to learn about Will, too. So, he got to see him practice basketball,” Stewart pointed out. “We talked about how they use the tight ends and showed me everything and how they move around and what they do. So, I think that’s a sign of a great staff. You just want to grow, be innovative and when you have that standard that they’ve had for so long, I think that when you have such good culture, they know the world’s not falling down.

“It’s one rough year. You build from it. That’s a sign I think of a great staff. And he just was incredibly positive. He didn’t make any excuses. He just talked about ways to get better. We have seen each other on Zoom so many times. He showed me a video of him getting a Christmas tree and stuff. That’s Clemson, right? That’s how they are the family piece and the relationship piece. Just a great guy.”

Manning visited Clemson to participate in the Dabo Swinney camp in June and returned to “Tiger Town” for the Florida State game on October 30th. Clemson extended an offer to Manning, the No. 1 overall prospect in the 2023 class per multiple recruiting services, during that visit.

The message to Manning this time around?

“They really would love him to get up into one of their select camps or visit days, right? In January. I think they’d love him to go up and meet the players and the recruits and really see Clemson as a school,” commented Stewart. “I think his message was, you’ve seen the football piece. He talked about how great of a school it is. It’s just a fun town. Everybody looks at Clemson like it’s small. It’s really not. A couple of thousand and the student body is huge. So, he really sold us on just how great a school Clemson is. He just would love to, once the dust settles for everybody from the season, to really see Clemson for what Clemson is. Not just football. So, I thought that was neat. And so that’s really his message. And obviously, at this point, those guys are in regular correspondence with Arch and whatnot. So, yeah, that’s where he is. And I think while they’ve offered, obviously, another quarterback as everyone has it hasn’t changed anything with their stance on their belief in Arch and where he would fit as a quarterback.”

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