#STRecruiting: Sapp waiting in the wings for #Clemson if Delp doesn’t happen

Josh Sapp

Fans of Clemson, USC and Georgia are on standby for tight end Oscar Delp of Cumming, GA until he makes his commitment announcement October 13th. All three have put all their tight end chips for the 2022 class in Delp’s basket. For two of the, it will be back to the drawing board if they decide to pursue another tight end.

In Clemson’s case, the Tigers already have a secondary target in Josh Sapp of Greenville High. He and Clemson tight end coach Tony Elliott have talked a lot, and he will visit Clemson this Saturday for the Boston College game. Elliott, he said, has explained things clearly to him.

“They’re still waiting on what the Delp kid is going to do,” Sapp said. “Coach Elliott said he was going to talk with me about some stuff at the game.”

That stuff, Sapp hopes, includes a scholarship offer with the likelihood at this point that Delp won’t choose the Tigers.

“That’s what I’m hoping for,” Sapp said.  “It would definitely be in my top for sure.  Just something to think about for me and my family, but they would definitely be a top option for me.”

Sapp said Appalachian State and Georgia State have been talking with him a good bit, and he’s heard some from North Carolina. He has been to a game at Appalachian State. Now, he’s looking forward to his first game of the season at Death Valley, where he wants to be more than just a recruit in the stands.

“A fan of course, but definitely seeing how tight ends play,” Sapp said. “I’ve been watching a lot of them in the past games they’ve been playing, but just want to see it in person.”

Sapp is a Clemson legacy. His father Patrick was a quarterback for the Tigers and later played linebacker in the NFL. So, there are strong ties to the program, and he’s never really thought of going anywhere else. He just needs that official opportunity from Elliott and Dabo Swinney.

“Definitely it would be a big deal to me,” Sapp said.  “I’ve always been rooting for the Tigers since I’ve been a kid.  They’ve definitely always been my top school.  It would be a very big deal to me.”

Sapp said his parents would be joining him on the visit. Thru five games this season, he said he had 25 catches.

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