#STRecruiting: #Gamecocks Zoom in with Wright Tuesday night

Jacobi Wright held a Zoom session with Gamecocks Tuesday night

6-2 PG Jacobi Wright of Fort Mill and Legacy Charter in Greenville is looking at making a decision within the first two weeks of July. At the forefront of his recruiting right now are USC, Winthrop and Charlotte. The Gamecocks have made a concerted effort in recruiting Wright the past several months, and Tuesday night he sat in on a Zoom session with all the coaches except Perry Clark, and with some of the support personnel.

“We had a really good talk, about 45 minutes I think,” Wright said.  “They just explained more about how they play. They let the academics lady go thru some of her stuff.  They explained how Columbia they think is a good city for me, how it fits me as a person.  They kind of went into depth on some of the things they expect out of their point guards.  They definitely put a lot out.  And they want to get back on the phone next week and talk about more things in depth.”

Wright also has had two Zoom sessions with Winthrop coaches and has spoken on the phone with coaches from the other schools.

“Continue to talk to the schools I feel like I’ll be the best fit at,” Wright said.  “Continuously talking to the coaching staffs, and continue to go down the list until I make that final decision.  I would say South Carolina, Winthrop, Charlotte, DePaul, South Florida and UNC-Wilmington, I talk to all those schools weekly.” He added that Coastal Carolina and Rhode Island have just recently started to heat up with him as well.

But he did single out USC, Winthrop and Charlotte as the three which have risen to the top with him as the process starts to wind down.

“Those three definitely have shown that they really want me,” Wright said.  “They have put a lot of effort into trying to recruit me.  They all are taking their time and building relationships with myself and my family.  I really take that into heavy consideration when picking my school just because my family are people who are going to try to make most of my games.”  

Wright averaged 17 points and 5 assists per game last season.

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