#STRecruiting: Young in-state defender visits USC #Gamecocks

Aces Scott

2021 DE Aces Scott (6-4 185) of Hillcrest attended USC’s recruiting event Saturday. Scott is just getting started in the recruiting process so the visit allowed him to get a feel for what’s ahead for him as more schools become interested. And he liked what he saw with the Gamecocks and how they interacted with him.

“First thing is that USC’s got something bigger than football going on, it’s more like a family thing,” Scott said. “They just don’t prepare you for football, they make sure that your going to be a great person outside of football. USC is a great school and the visit was great. I got to meet the head coach and some other coaches along with some of the great players they have here.”

Scott said this first visit for him with USC was more of a get to know you exercise and less about recruiting and a possible offer.

“It was just the basics, how they do their recruiting, what they are looking for in a player, the everyday schedule for the players and a little bit more about the school and the programs they have here.”

Scott said USC coaches play to scout him next month during his spring practices.

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