#KornRecruit: Columbia ties help USC with Georgia defensive tackle

Marquis Black

DT Marquis Black (6-5 300) of McDonough, GA visited USC the first weekend of this month and the Gamecocks will be one of the programs he strongly considers moving forward.  His parents are from Columbia and he actually lived in the Capital City for a couple of years as a child. He still has numerous relatives living within five miles of the campus.

On his recent visit, Black said he he met with the coaches and got a positive vibe in response.

“It went well,” Black said.  “Talked to the head coach a little bit, tried on some of the athletic gear and took some pictures, and took it all in. I feel like they want me a lot. They actually care for me. They aren’t like other colleges that offer you and you want to commit you really can’t. South Carolina, if they offer you, that means they really, really want you and I like the love that they show.”

One of the coaches he talked to is new defensive line coach John Scott.  It was his first conversation with him and he came away impressed.

“He actually knows what he’s talking about,” Black said.  “They like my size and how I move well for someone who’s 300 pounds. I play over center and in tight situations they like to put me at the end for pass rushing.”

Black also holds offers from West Virginia, Virginia, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Boston College and Charlotte.  He’s also visited Georgia Tech recently and UCF wants him to come in for a visit.  Right now USC, West Virginia and Georgia Tech sit in a strong spot with him.  The Gamecocks are in a particularly good position.

“Right now they are pretty high up there,” he said.  “I’m really from South Carolina and I’ve got a lot of family down there. It’s kind of like a second home to be honest.”

Last season Black estimated he was in on 40 tackles with 7 sacks.



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