#STRecruiting: #Clemson gets their quarterback for the 2025 class

Blake Hebert

Earlier this week Dabo Swinney picked up a top-flight running back prospect for his first 2025 commitment in Gideon Davidson of Lynchburg, VA. He followed that up Friday with a quarterback pledge from Blake Hebert (6-4 215) of Lawrence, MA.

Hebert also checked out Penn State, Virginia, Rutgers, Boston College and Notre Dame during his recruiting and camp travels. He also had offers from Illinois, Purdue, Iowa, Minnesota, Ole Miss, Virginia Tech, North Carolina, Pitt, Nebraska and Auburn.

“I can’t really explain it.  It’s just that feeling that I got from being around all the guys and the coaching staff and being on campus,” Hebert said.  “What really blew me away was the actual school.  Football kind of speaks for itself, but the actual university itself was pretty outstanding.  I value my academics.  We got to talk to some tutors and everything, so that was pretty cool.”

Hebert also liked the feeling he got about the Clemson program.

“Expectations they have moving forward,” he said. “It’s their history of the program.  It’s their culture and their drive to win football games and be great people at the same time.”

Hebert camped at Clemson earlier in the month and showed off his arm in front of Swinney and quarterbacks coach Garrett Riley. There were other 2025 quarterbacks on hand trying to earn that scholarship offer from Riley, but it was Hebert who impressed him the most and landed the offer.

“I didn’t feel any pressure or anything,” Hebert said.  “I was just throwing the football around with some of the other top guys in the country.  It didn’t really matter who was watching. Obviously, it was cool to be in front of him, but at the end of the day I’m just going to throw it around and do my thing. We talked and he definitely highlighted some areas of my game that will fit well and it all kind of made sense to me.”  

Last season Hebert passed for 1748 yards and 24 touchdowns with one interception. He completed 111 of 185 pass attempts.

“I think my strength is probably my eyes,” Hebert said.  “Pre-snap, being able to break it down and also make adjustments on the fly post-snap.  To be able to move guys with my eyes.  I think something that I can work on is maybe just using my legs a little more.  I like to hand in the pocket and dissect a little bit, but sometimes I need to know when it’s time to take off.”

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