#STRecruiting: Two more visits for Franks this weekend, then it’s time to get down to a decision

Blake Franks (Instagram)

Greenville High OG Blake Franks (6-5 310) attended the USC junior day last Saturday, and actually stayed over until Sunday. This weekend he’s going to double up on the fun. Saturday he and his father will be at Clemson. Sunday he and his mother are going to visit Auburn. Those two visits will be the last ones for Franks. He will spend some of February trying to make his decision with USC and Clemson the two primary choices at this point.

‘I’m going to think about it for like a week or so,” Franks said.  “I’m hoping to make a decision by a Sunday at the end of February.  I don’t want it to be during a weekday, so I’m trying to push it towards a weekend if I can. I think it’s going to be a really tough call. It’s been really hard for me to pick between those two schools.  I think it’s going to be a real tough call at the end of the day.”

Franks said in trying to break it all down between the Gamecocks and Tigers, there’s a couple of factors he will weigh between the two.

“My education,” he said.  “When I went down to South Carolina, they answered a lot of questions about the engineering program, which is something I want to do.  What I really want to know from Tigertown is how family oriented they are.  I think they are very family oriented already.  It’s just that South Carolina is really family oriented, a little bit more than Tigertown.”

Franks had plenty of questions for Shane Beamer and the USC staff last weekend. He left there satisfied with what he learned.

“South Carolina answered the questions I had about the school, education-wise, life on campus-wise,” Frank said.  “I actually got to spend a little time with someone I probably would room with, Josiah (Thompson).  We actually stayed the entire weekend, so we both could stay in the same room.”

That’s a lot of what Franks wants to experience this weekend at Clemson. He wants to get a good feel for what it would be like in the locker room and in the living quarters with the other guys.

“What I really want to see is the people I’ll be teammates with,” Franks said.  “I want to see if they are good people. I also want to see some other questions I might have being answered, if I have any.  And me being there and thinking about the college experience of Clemson and what it would be like.”

Going into the weekend, according to Franks, it’s too close to call. Neither has risen to the level of clear leader in his mind.

“I think highly about Clemson and South Carolina, so I can’t really say which one I think is above the other,” Franks said.  “I definitely think I like the (South Carolina) staff a lot more.  It was a lot of fun getting to know the South Carolina staff.  I wouldn’t say they are young, but they are definitely young spirited.  They are definitely enjoyable to be around.”

This will be the second visit to Clemson for Franks in the last two weeks. He was there for the day on January 14th for the Duke basketball game and got the chance to meet new offensive coordinator Garrett Riley.

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