#STRecruiting: 2023 TE Luke Chilton to get first look at #Gamecocks this Saturday

Luke Chilton

USC tight ends coach Jody Wright has struck up a connection with TE Luke Chilton (6-7 240) of Fredericksburg, VA, and the next step in the process will be a visit from Chilton this Saturday for the Texas A&M game. Most of Chilton’s games are on Saturday, preventing him from getting to many college games. But this week he’s playing on Friday, so he and Wright worked out an unofficial visit for this Saturday.

“A few months ago, out of nowhere, Coach Wright followed me on Twitter and we’ve just been talking ever since then,” Chilton said.  “I sent my film and he liked it.  He said he’d love to get me down for a game.”

Chilton estimated he has around 20 catches this season for about 200 yards and a touchdown. His size and athleticism caught Wright’s attention.

“He hasn’t told me anything specifically other than he likes my size and he likes my footwork and the way I can move, and my hands,” Chilton said.  “In our offense, I do a lot of blocking.  I actually don’t line up in the traditional tight end at all except for one formation. In most formations I line up as an H-Back or I line up in the slot, and sometimes I’ll split out wide.” 

Chilton has not been offered by Wright, and he’s not sure where he figures in his thinking at this point, but he hopes to find out more on his visit.

“Pretty new to the recruitment with South Carolina,” Chilton said.  “I haven’t developed a very close connection with them yet.  I’m not sure but that (offer) will probably be one of the questions that I ask when I go there.”

Chilton has also been to games at Virginia Tech, VMI and Towson. Those two along with Temple, VMI, Duke, Air Force and William & Mary are the schools showing him the strongest interest at this point.

Chilton plans to set some official visits after his season. He is not signing early and won’t make a decision until January or February.

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