#STRecruiting: Off the radar Alabama DT is offered by #Gamecocks

Elijah Williams

Successful recruiting is not always about going after the most hyped prospects. The diamond-in-the-rough, the unheralded prospect with something to prove to the doubters can also become a winner for a program. USC recruiter Jody Wright may have found one of those in DT Elijah Williams (6-5 290) who comes from the talent rich Thompson High program in Alabaster, AL.

Williams believes Wright was by to watch their spring practice last week. And Saturday he got the notification of an offer from the Gamecocks, his first from a major program.

“The coach actually called my defensive line coach, and he came to my house and talked to me and my family,” Williams said.  “He (his coach) said they liked how explosive I am and how I’m quick off the ball.”

Later, Williams did talk to Wright on the phone. With this offer, Williams said the Gamecocks moved to the top with him, though he only has a handful of offers at this point. He said he doesn’t know that much about the program under Shane Beamer except that it seems to be moving in a positive direction.

“I feel like they’ve got a chance to have a very successful year,” Williams said. “I’m hoping to build a better connection and hopefully one day be there with them.  They are one of my first big offers and they are at the top right now I would say.”

Williams estimated he had eight sacks last season. In college, he believes he can be a run stuffer as well as a quality pass rusher.

“Me being a D-tackle, I can take on two, and I can also convert into a pass rush when I’m needed to,” Williams said. “I can most definitely take on double teams.”

Williams also has offers from Eastern Kentucky, South Alabama and Alabama State. He did not take any spring visits and he hasn’t scheduled anything yet with USC or any of the other schools. He also doesn’t want to rush a decision as he wants to see what other offers my come his way.

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