#Clemson MBB coach Brad Brownell feeling the heat of expectations (AUDIO)

Chase Hunter and the Tigers have been charged to improve on last year’s 17-16 campaign (Photo by David Welker)

Clemson men’s basketball coach Brad Brownell believes the Tigers can make the NCAA tournament and “even do more.” For Brownell’s sake, the Tigers need to cash in on their coach’s faith. New athletics director Graham Neff recently penned a letter to Brownell detailing his expectations for next season and beyond. The implications are clear, Neff wants the Tigers in the postseason. Something they’ve done just three times in Brownell’s 12 years at the helm.

On Wednesday, Brownell met with the media to wrap up this past season and discuss his plan for the future. The veteran head coach has certainly heard the cries of Tiger fans about the lack of postseason appearances and understands them. However, he believes everything is in place for deep tournament runs, not just an appearance every now and then.

Clemson HC Brad Brownell — Offseason Press Conference

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