#STRecruiting: Hall’s second visit with #Gamecocks goes extremely well

Jordan Hall

DT Jordan Hall of Jacksonville is a major USC target and he was back in Columbia Thursday for a close look at the spring practice. Hall checked out the facilities and the campus, and he had extended conversations with Shane Beamer and defensive line coach Jimmy Lindsey. All in all, it was a great visit for Hall.

“This was one of the more well put together visits.  It was very fast and swift,” Hall said.   “We got there at the beginning of practice for their walk-thru, team stretch and all the segments and progressions of practice.  I watched a lot of the defensive line.  Coach Lindsey, just watching him, he teaches a lot.  Seeing that, if I go there, I know that I would be developed well and in a system that I will thrive and get better.  That’s a key thing I’m looking for.”

Hall said he also liked the layout of the campus on his first chance to walk around.

“The campus is not big at all.  It’s a smooth walk around,” Hall.  “Probably from the 650 (Lincoln) to the other side of campus is a fifteen-minute walk.  It’s a good college town.  Everybody is there to support South Carolina and be a part of the Gamecock nation.  I just like it.”

Before leaving, Hall got the chance to talk directly with Beamer and Lindsey, and the conversations were very useful to him.

“My talk with Coach Lindsey was more on what I saw today,” Hall said.  “What can I take home and use for myself, tools for my toolbox.  With Coach Beamer, it was to get that connection better.  It was only my second time meeting him.  Just seeing him in practice, everybody in the building welcomed me with open arms.  Coach Beamer is all love.  With Coach Beamer, it wasn’t too much of keying me committing.  It was a real man to man conversation about where I’m at in my recruiting process.  Same thing with Coach Lindsey.  Where am I at with all this.  They are trying to get me be back up there as soon as possible.  We were just connecting and bonding.”

The Gamecocks are facing stiff competition for Hall who has major offers from all over, including the likes of Clemson, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, Cincinnati, Mississippi State and Kentucky. He has a favorites list but is not ready to make it public, but he did say USC is firmly on it.

“I’ve got my top list of schools, I haven’t posted it, but South Carolina made the list,” Hall said.  “I wouldn’t say the visit pushed them up or down the list because there is no order in the list, just a bunch of schools I feel like I’m most interested in now.  I like the school a lot.  I like Coach Beamer.  I like Coach Lindsey.”

Hall will visit Georgia Friday and Alabama Monday. He also wants to visit Miami. Along with two visits to USC, he has visited Florida twice and has also visited Clemson, Florida State and Georgia.

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