#Gamecocks defense takes a moment to talk about preseason camp (AUDIO)

Rodricus no more, it’s now “Hot Rod” Fitten, if you please (USC Athletics)

USC continued its grind towards the start of the fall campaign with preseason practice #5 on Tuesday. It was the fifth straight workout for the Gamecocks since camp began last Friday. Carolina will have an off day tomorrow, before returning to the practice field on Thursday afternoon. USC will hold its first scrimmage of the preseason on Saturday at Williams-Brice Stadium.

After Tuesday’s session, several members of the defensive unit were made available to the media. Rodricus Fitten may have been the most interesting as he informed the group that he’s asked to be called by his nickname “Hot Rod”, because it was, “easier for everyone to pronounce.” He did stress that he hasn’t legally changed his name to “Hot Rod”, but his middle school teacher calling him “Roderick”, appears to be the motivation for the change.

Jahmar Brown

“Hot Rod” Fitten

Mo Kaba

Rick Sandidge

Jordan Strachan

Carlins Platel

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