SC State coach Buddy Pough updates the Bulldogs on SportsTalk (AUDIO)

Buddy Pough

Some teams of the state were able to complete their spring practice before things were shut down. Some teams were able to get in part of the spring practice schedule. But as for SC State, they never got started, so when activities are able to resume, coach Buddy Pough and his staff will have to start from scratch in putting the team together. The Bulldogs are coming off an 8-3 season narrowly missing on another MEAC championship. They will open the 2020 season against Grambling State in Atlanta. Thursday night Pough joined us on SportsTalk to talk about all things Bulldogs.

SC State coach Buddy Pough on SportsTalk

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  1. The S.C. State Bulldogs did not narrowly miss another MEAC Championship. In 2019 the Bulldogs actually shared the MEAC title with N. C. A&T State University. A & T won the head-to-head matchup, but both teams finished the year with identical conference records (6-2).

    1. You are correct. My mistake. I guess I was thinking about not getting the postseason bid and not about a co-championship situation. But that does count as the 17th MEAC title. Thanks for the correction.

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