Shane Beamer Sunday night conference call (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

Freshman QB LaNorris Sellers provided some fourth quarter excitement Saturday (Chris Gillespie)

USC coach Shane Beamer saw a lot to like from his team’s performance in the blowout win over Vanderbilt Saturday afternoon in Columbia. His goal now is to continue to get the injured healthy and find a way to win the final two games of the season to become bowl eligible. Next on the agenda is Kentucky Saturday night in Columbia. Kentucky has been made a two-point favorite.

Sunday night on his weekly conference call, Beamer reviewed his team’s performance in the win over the Commodores and updated a number of personnel concerns, in particular running back where the Gamecocks are down to two healthy scholarship players.

Shane Beamer Sunday Night Conference Call

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  1. Carolina Sandhills

    Now that our coaching staff has been forced to use our 2 true running backs, our running game actually looks effective again.

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