Palmetto Pigskin Tour ’23 concludes with stop at Anderson University (AUDIO)

The final stop of the Palmetto Pigskin Tour for 2023 Thursday was at the state’s newest football program at Anderson University. The visit with head coach Bobby Lamb coincided with his first day in his new football office building which sits in one of the end zones at the Trojans’ on-campus stadium.

Starting a program is nothing new for Lamb. He was the coach at Mercer when that program launched in 2013, so building from the ground up is nothing new to the former Furman coach and quarterback.

The Trojans will hold their first on-field practice Tuesday and will spend 2023 learning how to be a program. They will play their first game at home on September 7th, 2024 against an opponent to be announced. Thursday Lamb discussed his excitement about starting a second program and is plans for success in Anderson.

Anderson coach Bobby Lamb

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