Beamer gives final preview of #Gamecocks on even of pre-season camp (AUDIO)

USC coach Shane Beamer takes questions from the media Thursday in Columbia

Talking Season is finally over for USC football coach Shane Beamer. Proving Season begins tomorrow with the first practice of pre-season camp. Thursday at the Spurrier indoor facility, Beamer held his third press conference in as many weeks. There’s not much left to say about how hard his players worked in the off season, how excited they are about the season, and how good he feels about where they are in recruiting at this point.

Some key comments from Beamer:

  • Great offseason, very few accountability issues, fewest they’ve had since he’s been in Columbia.
  • They got better as a football team in the offseason, thanks to the strength and conditioning program, and also from a nutrition standpoint.
  • Team got better, stronger, faster in the offseason, average squat on team went up 50 pounds per player, 31 players hit new top speeds, average bench went up 24 pounds per player, can’t be more excited about what his players did.
  • Couldn’t be more excited about where they are as a team, in recruiting and for being in the SEC where others are trying to get it, don’t take that for granted.
  • Going to have more freshmen playing earlier than anytime he can remember, which isn’t all bad because they are talented.
  • No new names to add to injured list regarding players who will be brought along slowly at the start of practice, everyone will be there in the morning.
  • His hope is to have Jaylen Nichols back by the end of the season and he’s optimistic that can happen, he’s in a good frame of mind and he’s working hard, all three transfer OL will have a chance to play, Gargiulo is set to be a starter.
  • Mario Anderson has looked good and can help them at running back, Braswell is faster than he thought when he recruited him, Sandlin will work at running back as well, could still end up at tight end later in his career.
  • Offensive line, defensive end are positions where starting battles will be staged in the fall. Wants to have eight ready on the OL. Needs to develop a 3rd corner, and determine the receiver rotation.

Shane Beamer pre-camp press conference

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