#STRecruiting: WR Braylon Staley says #Clemson no longer an option for him

Braylon Staley

Clemson brought in a handful of wide receivers for official visits last weekend. All of them had offers on the table and thus could have chosen to join the Tigers right then and there. Two of them did in TJ Moore and Bryant Wesco. And as of right now, those two are the only two receivers the Tigers plan to take in the 2024 class.

That means for Aiken’s Braylon Staley, the Clemson option is off the table.

“They said obviously I would fit great into the program,” Staley said.  “They wanted me.  But unfortunately, they got two receivers that committed already, and they were only taking two out of the ’24 class.  Unless anyone decommits, then right now, yeah, I’m out.  They committed right after the visits.  The first two that jumped on the boat.”

Clemson had recruited Staley hard as a slot receiver as he’s one of the fastest receivers in the state. He knew he had his chance to jump on board, but he wasn’t ready to make a decision. Had he been ready, he would have made the move.

“Yeah, I would probably commit right on the spot,” Staley said. “I’m OK with it. It is what it is.  Programs have players that commit, and they are only taking a certain amount.  You just got to roll with it.”  

As for the visit, Staley said it was everything he expected a Clemson visit to be.

“It wasn’t a flashy type visit, it was just a family type visit, so they kept everything on campus,” Staley said.  “First day it was a lake on campus.  They have a lake house out there.  We did up to two boat rides and played games.  Met with some players, had a great time with the coaches and things like that.”

So, Staley moves on, and he has some very good options still available. He will visit Miami this weekend followed by officials to Tennessee and North Carolina. . He added that USC has never showed any interest.

Staley said he is looking at June 29th or 30th, or early July for making his commitment announcement.

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  1. Michael Egleston

    “Staley said he is looking at June 29th or 39th, or early July for making his commitment announcement.” June 39th ? I never knew that June was such a long month. Got me to thinking though. Lol !!

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