#STRecruiting: Developing tight end prospect looking at #Gamecocks and #Clemson

Jackson Carver

Lacrosse’s loss is college football’s gain. Jackson Carver (6-6 215) of Culiver, IN cut his teeth playing lacrosse. But after taking up football in 2021, he was hooked on that gridiron action, and that is where his college athletic future will play out. USC and Clemson are both aware of him. The Gamecocks just offered, and the Tigers are giving it consideration.

USC recruiter Pete Lembo laid the groundwork for the Gamecock offer before turning things over to new tight ends coach Jody Wright.

“I’ve been in contact with him (Lembo) for quite a while.  I’d say back in February, maybe even January,” Carver said.  “He was saying ‘be patient with us while we go through the process of hiring a new tight ends coach.’  He’s been continuing to send me stuff about the program.  Yesterday (Wednesday) was the first time I had heard from the tight ends coach, and it came with great news, so I can’t complain.”

Wright is trying to pick up the pace with Carver because he plans to make a commitment decision in early July. In his opening conversation, Wright laid out for Carver what he liked about him and how he could fit into their offense as a receiving tight end. Last season he had about 15 catches for 300 yards.

“He just said I have a very impressive back story and a super high ceiling with my athleticism and how new I am to the game essentially,” Carver said.  “That’s kind of the main thing for them, just how I’m so raw and they have the coaching and the development at South Carolina to get me to the next level. Coaches like my athleticism and length. They can put me out wide and stretch the field.  With some development and putting on some weight, I have the frame to be able to block bigger guys on the line.  So, they have plans to use me all over the field.”  

What would really help the Gamecocks’ chances with Carver would be to get him on campus for a visit. He’s never been, but he’s giving it a lot of thought as he lines up his June plans.

“I am going to try to make it work to get to South Carolina to check things out,” Carver said.  “We’re going to try to work on that in the next couple of days.  I am interested in this opportunity and to see what South Carolina has to offer.  I have my official set with Miami and Iowa, and I’m in the process of scheduling one with LSU.”

Carver will visit Miami June 10th and Iowa June 24th. The LSU visit date has not been set.

And then there’s Clemson out there for Carver as well. He’s had many conversations with tight end coach Kyle Richardson, and he’d also like to get there for a visit as well. That might lead to an offer from the Tigers.

“They want to get me to come to campus and I’m trying to work on that as well,” Carver said.  “I don’t have an offer from them yet, but I think that would help, going on a visit.  I’ve been talking to Coach Richardson a lot, multiple times a week, every other day.  We’ve been in pretty constant communication.”

Carver also has an interest in Auburn and could set up a visit there as well. Carver, by the way, could have come out this season but opted to do a post-graduate year. He will attend the Loomis Chaffee School in Connecticut where he will team up with 2024 major quarterback prospect Dante Reno, who also is a USC and Clemson target.

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