#STRecruiting: Reeves updates his recruiting status

Christian Reeves

7-1 Christian Reeves of Charlotte and Oak Hill Academy in Virginia has been a target of USC head coach Frank Martin going on four years now. In fact, as Martin tries to put together a 2022 class, Reeves is the only true big man he’s pursuing at this point. All that stands between him and a commitment from Reeves is Minnesota.

Reeves made an official visit to USC in June. He took one to Minnesota the end of September. Right now, unless someone new enters the picture, the decision will be one of those programs.

“South Carolina and Minnesota are the top two schools for me right now, but another school can come in still at this moment,” Reeves said.  “I’ve stayed in contact with coach Frank and coach Chuck (Martin) at South Carolina.  They’ve come down to see me two or three times.  I’ve been in contact with coach (Ben) Johnson and coach (Marcus) Jenkins with Minnesota, and they just came down yesterday (Wednesday) actually.  Both schools are really trying to get me right now.”

That visit Reeves took to USC in June counts as a junior year visit, so he still has his senior year visit available. Martin has told him to come back if he wants to, and it’s something he’s considering.

“As far as the basketball side of things at South Carolina, I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on it,” Reeves said.  “The only thing that I feel like would be different is having the students on campus.  I’ve been to football and basketball games, so I kind of know what that’s like.”

In the past, Reeves has said he might commit to one of the schools privately but not announce until December. That’s still a possibility, but he’s not sure he’ll wait that long.

“Both schools are pushing, especially South Carolina,” Reeves said. They’re pushing for that first signing period because I’m the only big they’ve offered.  They need something more urgently, I guess you could say, because if it doesn’t end up being me, they are going to have to have somebody.”

And the fact the Gamecocks have gone all in on Reeves for their big man in the class made an impression on him.

“That does,” Reeves said.  “That and the fact they’ve been recruiting me since the ninth grade.  That’s not something I hold against other schools, but it is something that I think about when I think about South Carolina.  I think they were the first school to reach out to me.”

Oak Hill won all three games they played in a pre-season event in Las Vegas last week. Reeves said he was coming off an ankle sprain and that limited him. He averaged about 2 points, 6 rebounds and 3 blocks per game in his own estimation.

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