Gators on the move in polls with #Gamecocks up next

Tennessee dropped in AP ranking despite win over USC Saturday night (Photo By Andrew Ferguson/Tennessee Athletics)

Saturday’s win over USC had a strange impact on Tennessee’s national rankings. The Vols went into the game ranked 16th by the media and 21st by the coaches. But with the AP now including Big Ten and PAC-12 teams in the voting, (the coaches returned those teams to their poll last week) the Vols were dropped five spots by the writers to 21st. They moved up a spot in the coaches voting. Florida, USC’s opponent this weekend, moved up to third in each poll after winning at Ole Miss. Clemson maintained its hold on the top spot in each ranking by a wide margin over Alabama. The Tigers received 55 first place votes from the media, four less than last week. Georgia and Notre Dame complete the top five.

AP Ranking for September 27th

1Clemson (2-0)1542 (55)1
2Alabama (1-0)1473 (3)2
3Florida (1-0)13245
4Georgia (1-0)13104
5Notre Dame (2-0)12317
6Ohio State (0-0)1169 (4)NR
7Auburn (1-0)11338
8Miami (FL) (3-0)104512
9Texas (2-0)8628
10Penn State (0-0)840NR
11UCF (2-0)74313
12North Carolina (1-0)73411
13Texas A&M (1-0)70510
14Oregon (0-0)651NR
15Cincinnati (2-0)64614
16Mississippi State (1-0)590NR
17Oklahoma State (2-0)55515
18Oklahoma (1-1)5353
19Wisconsin (0-0)510NR
20LSU (0-1)4016
21Tennessee (1-0)37716
22BYU (2-0)29518
23Michigan (0-0)277NR
24Pittsburgh (3-0)24821
25Memphis (1-0)19617

Coaches Ranking for September 27th

1Clemson (2-0)1194 (42)1
2Alabama (1-0)1144 (4)2
3Florida (1-0)10386
4Georgia (1-0)10063
5Notre Dame (2-0)9717
6Ohio State (0-0)890 (2)10
7Auburn (1-0)8898
8Miami (FL) (3-0)79514
9Texas (2-0)7459
10Penn State (0-0)58913
11North Carolina (1-0)57812
12UCF (2-0)57715
13Texas A&M (1-0)56111
14Mississippi State (1-0)492NR
15Cincinnati (2-0)48016
16Oklahoma (1-1)4733
17LSU (0-1)4455
18Wisconsin (0-0)43817
19Oklahoma State (2-0)37418
20Tennessee (1-0)32121
21Michigan (0-0)27119
22BYU (2-0)26023
23Virginia Tech (1-0)21524
24Memphis (1-0)21020
25Pittsburgh (3-0)179NR

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