#STRecruiting: After vacation, Wright ready to finish his recruiting

Jacobi Wright

6-2 PG Jacobi Wright of Fort Mill and Legacy Charter in Greenville got away from it all this week with some vacation time at the beach from friends. Well, he didn’t get totally away as he was tracked down by some coaches, and this website. Wright has set June 21st, Father’s Day, for his announcement as a way to honor his dad who got him started in basketball. Nine days from his announcement, Wright remains undecided between USC, Winthrop and Charlotte.

“The plan for me is once I get back from the beach, me and my family are going to really, really crank it out and plan on making the decisiion in the next few days,” Wright said. “After that I’ll be ready to just commit on the day and put it out there as to which school I choose.”

Wright said he last talked with the USC staff last week in a Zoom call that was treated sort of like an official visit with Frank Martin and most of his staff involved. It was a chance for Wright to become further educated on the Gamecocks and what they have in mind for him.

“They feel like I fit the team very well, and they feel like I could be a big piece in moving forward in the program, and just keep the program growing,” Wright said. “The just feel like they need somebody in my position when they may lose a few guards or lose a guard or two in the next few years. They think Columbia will be a good home for me. They showed me in the Zoom call (last week) a few things about the city,  how it’s just a great place to grow as a person,  and also how the opportunities outside of basketball are great as well.”

Wright talked this week with USC administrative assistant John Reynolds this week, said he expects one more major session with the Gamecocks before making his decison.

“I think we’ll probably have one more Zoom call before that date,” Wright said. “We haven’t set it up yet, but I think that’s the plan, just to have one more just to kind of try to seal the deal.”   

Winthrop is try8ing to do the same thing with Wright. The Eagles can make him a compelling argument and their coaches had a Zoom call with him Thursday night.

“It went pretty well,  the whole coaching staff was on there,” Wright said. “One of the players that goes there I went to high school with,  DJ Burns. He was in the call as well.  They really love me. They really put in a lot of energy.  Their pitch is like which coaching staff they feel like has wanted me the most.  They feel like they’ve put more energy than a lot of other coaching staffs into my decision and just recruiting me. So, they feel like,  go somewhere where you are wanted.  That’s the closest school to my house, so they use that a lot, like being my hometown since I’m close to living in Rock Hill.  Also, they are really building the program up well, and they feel like me coming in will be a piece for the next year.  Trying to advance in the tournament is a big goal for their them.”  

Wright also heard from Charlotte assistant coach Kotie Kimble this week and he plans to have a Zoom session with the 49ers staff once he gets home.

Wright not only has three different schools to choose from, he has three different league’s to consider…the SEC, the Big South and Conference USA.

“Every league is pretty good. I mean, every league is different as well. Some are bigger than others,” Wright said.  “Obviously,  like the SEC will be the biggest one. The Big South isn’t bad. There are many players who come from many of those leagues.  I just want to go somewhere where it’s the best fit for me all around, somewhere where I’m just comfortable being there in college for the next four years.” 

Wright is regarded as one of the state’s top prospects in the 2021 class. Last season he averaged 17 points and 5 assists per game.

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