#STRecriting: #Clemson and #Gamecocks have their eyes on 2024 LB Andrew Hines of Atlanta

Andrew Hines

2024 LB Andrew Hines (6-1 215) of Atlanta’s famed Woodward Academy has visited Clemson more than any other school in recent years. Hines said he’s been on the campus four times, his most recent visit coming October 22nd for the Syracuse game. The Tigers have not yet offered, but defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Wes Goodwin is very interested.

“Coach Goodwin always talks about how they’ve been moving slow for our class, but he said I’m definitely up there on their list, I’m definitely one of their top guys that he’s looking at,” Hines said.  “He said they have me back so many times and every time I come back they enjoy having me there.  I enjoy every time going.  Clemson is definitely a great school, definitely good coaches, the people are great and the environment is great.  All I hear is positive stuff about Clemson from Clemson.”  

Hines has studied the Clemson linebackers to see how he might fit in with what they do and how they play, and he feels like it would be a really good fit.

“They are athletic, they can all move, they can all run in space, they can all cover,” Hines said.  “They all seem like all-purpose linebackers.  They can all play middle, outside, nickel, they can all do everything, which what I like to see, the hybrid linebacker which they use a lot. I also their aggressiveness towards the ball, their attack towards the ball and how downhill they play.”

Hines has strong interest in Clemson at this point, despite not yet having an offer, but he said there’s no rush because he’s not in a hurry to make a decision.

“I’m pretty wide open right now with my recruitment, I’m not rushing the process, I’m being patient with it,” Hines said.  “I’ve been to Clemson, Auburn, Michigan, Florida, Georgia Tech this weekend and LSU the weekend after this weekend.”

USC is one of the offers for Hines to consider. He visited the Gamecocks last season for the Clemson game, and he and defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Clayton White are talking about another visit.

“They are definitely cool.  They only say positive things,” Hines said.  “They come down to Woodward a lot.  They came like three times last year, and they are coming back down this year after the season to see what’s up.  I’ve just been hearing good things from South Carolina.”

What he’s heard from White is that he sees him as a versatile defensive prospect, someone he could deploy in a number of different positions.

“They have me as a defensive athlete,” Hines said.  “They know they can use me but they are not exactly sure which linebacker they can use me.  They like my explosiveness.  They like how quick I am towards the ball.  They like how at the point of attack I’m really good and I’m a for-sure tackler, and I do well covering in space.”

Like Clemson, Hines holds the Gamecocks in fairly high regard at this point of his recruitment.

“South Carolina id definitely up there,” Hines said.  “It’s a good school and good environment.  The place was great when I went there for the game against Clemson.  South Carolina is definitely a place that you go to be great.”

Thus far this season, Hines said he has made 48 tackles with 6 sacks.

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