Coordinators Corner: Satterfield and White hope for better results this week (AUDIO) #Gamecocks

USC OC Marcus Satterfield has been at the center of USC fans’ displeasure this week (Chris Gillespie)

USC football is coming off perhaps its worst performance of the season in last Saturday’s 23-10 loss to Missouri. In that game, Carolina generated just 203 yards of total offense, while the defense allowed scoring drives of 96, 84, and 75 yards in the opening half as the Tigers built a 17-0 lead.

On Wednesday, offensive coordinator Marcus Satterfield and defensive coordinator Clayton White met with the media to discuss what improvements each side of the ball has made as the Gamecocks get ready to visit Vanderbilt on Saturday night. The Gamecocks have won thirteen in a row over the Commodores, with Vandy’s last victory coming in 2008 by a 24-17 margin.

USC OC Marcus Satterfield

USC DC Clayton White

1 thought on “Coordinators Corner: Satterfield and White hope for better results this week (AUDIO) #Gamecocks”

  1. I don’t think OC Satterfield should take all the blame or heat for Saturdays loss, football after all “IS” a team sport. Some of, if not most, of the blame should fall on the Offensive Line. No blocking means no time to set up the throwing game. Now you have to have receivers that can catch the ball thrown to them, which Carolina seems to have a problem with. So you see No Blocking leads to bad passing and NO holes to run through!! Lots of blame to go around. No wins against Vandy or Floridia means “NO BOWLING THIS YEAR”!! “:GO COCKS”!!

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