#STRecruiting: Paris picks up where Martin left off with Emuobor

Comeh Emuobor

6-5 Comeh Emuobor, who will attend Brewster Academy in New Hampshire this year after playing last season in Raleigh, NC, was a target of former USC coach Frank Martin when he was running the Gamecocks. He remains a Martin target now that he’s at Massachusetts. The new USC staff led by head coach Lamont Paris picked up the recruiting baton on Emuobor this summer, and the two sides are in that getting to know you stage of the recruiting process.

“Recently I’ve been in contact with them,” Emuobor said.  “They called after Peach Jam and started recruiting me, the new staff.  I’m just trying to build a relationship with them.  That was my first-time hearing from them, and it’s going good.  I have nothing but good things to say about them so far.”

Emuobor added that from what he’s learned about Paris and what he’ll do with the Gamecocks, it sounds like a situation he could buy into.

” I like how Coach Paris and how they describe his coaching style,” Emuobor said. “Everything has been good from what they’ve been telling me. As far as their playstyle, they get up and down offensively. They were telling me how they play defensively as well and expressing to me how they operate as well.  I think it would be a good fit.”

A bonus for the Gamecocks in the recruitment of Emuobor is having freshman GG Jackson in the program. The two are close friends from their AAU days, he played for CP3, and they talked about playing together in college when Jackson was in the 2023 class. Jackson, of course, reclassified to the 2022 class with a plan to be at USC for just one season.

“He’s honestly trying to recruit me to come to South Carolina as well,” Emuobor said.  “I’m just going to reevaluate everything to see which one is the best fit for me and my family.  I’m just taking my time with the process.”

Emuobor said he will take an official visit to UCF in September, and he also plans to give Martin and UMass an official visit as well. He said the Gamecocks are under consideration for one at this point. Some other offers are Mississippi State, Alabama, Arizona State, Kansas State, Illinois, Texas A&M, Florida, Pitt, Virginia Tech, Vanderbilt, USF, Minnesota and Oklahoma State.

Last season in high school, Emuobor averaged around 17 points and 9 rebounds per game.

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