A word from the #Gamecocks offense (AUDIO)

Eight members of the USC offensive were paraded in front of the media Monday to answer questions ranging from health (Marshawn Lloyd and Josh Vann) to fatherhood and hair color (Vann). Lloyd and Vann, who missed Saturday’s scrimmage nursing injuries, both said they are fine and will be back to full speed soon. Quarterback Spencer Rattler was also present, and he provided a glimpse into his progress with the Gamecocks. And tight end Austin Stogner delivered the day’s most honest answer. When asked which member of the defense was the best trash talker on the team, he replied none were, that title belongs to him.

Transfer TE Nate Adkins is excited to be on the same team as his dad (Chris Gillespie)

Monday media session with USC offensive players

Spencer Rattler

Marshawn Lloyd

Josh Vann

Austin Stogner

Eric Douglas

Jaheim Bell

Juju McDowell

Nate Adkins

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