Yaya Diaby

USC’s involvement with DE Yaya Diaby (6-4 255) continues to be hot and the two have set up an official visit to Columbia for the third weekend in January. Diaby is a native of Riverdale, GA and was the leading tackler for the Bulldogs this season with 58 tackles. He also had 16 tackles for loss and 5 sacks. He’s a recruit whose stock has steadily climbed throughout the season to the point he has numerous major offers to choose from.

This weekend Diaby will take an official visit to Kansas State. Next weekend he’s set to see West Virginia. He also has Tennessee, Utah, Texas Tech, Central Florida, Houston and Arizona working him for visits. He will not sign early so he’ll have time for more visits in January and could set two more besides the one to USC.

The Gamecocks were one of the latter teams to get in to Diaby with an offer, but his coach at GMC Bert Williams said that’s no problem for the Gamecocks and there’s obvious strong interest from his player’s part.

“I think he is,” Williams said. “He has had some good talks with (DL coach) John Scott apparently.  He’s wide open.  I would say if there’s anybody potentially in the lead it would be Louisville simply because of longevity.  They were in there back in the spring and have the longest amount of time with him.  He really hasn’t given an indication one way or another.  Staying close to home is not a big deal for him.  He’s kind of open to that, to going farther away, going to where he feels is the best place for him.  He wasn’t recruited much coming out of high school so this is the first rodeo for him.”

Williams said because the recruiting process is so new to Diaby, and because he’s not signing until February, he’s not rushing the process.

“He’s being real analytical with the process,” the coach said. “He’s pretty good about thinking thru and talking thru the pros and cons of what he’s looking for.  He’s got his head on straight. I think he’s going to make a good decision one way or another.  He’s got a lot of good opportunities.”

USC has had a lot of success recruiting the Milledgeville, GA junior college over the years, and the Gamecocks have two GMC graduates on the roster right now. That, Williams said, can only help them with Diaby.

“I’m sure it doesn’t hurt,” Williams said. “He knows guys that’s been there, played with guys that have been there, or siblings that’s been there.  He’s at least indirectly familiar with Columbia.  Certainly that level of familiarity is a benefit.  We’ve got a couple of guys that are there now.”

Diaby visited Louisville and Auburn unofficially during the season.

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