PJ Hall

6-9 PJ Hall of Dorman has had more coaches in to see him this week. And he’s preparing for his second senior official visit this weekend to Florida. His first senior visit was to Clemson two weekends ago. He still has official visits to come with Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Georgia Tech. Following the visits, he’ll be prepared to render his decision.

Clemson coach Brad Brownell originally had planned to follow up the official visit with an in home visit Monday. But the Tigers called Hall Friday and ask to reschedule so the in home wouldn’t be so close to the official. Now, Brownell is tentatively scheduled for his in home visit this coming Monday. And Georgia Tech will be in some time after Clemson.

But Hall wasn’t idle this past Monday night. Tennessee coach Rick Barnes made his in home visit. He’s the third head coach to be in to see Hall and his family. Last week Mike White of Florida and Mike Young of Virginia Tech made their visits.

“With these home visits we’re trying to build a really good relationship, just make it like family and really good friends,” Hall said. “We were all just joking around, having dinner and messing around with each other.”

Hall said Virginia Tech was back at his school Tuesday and Florida will be by on Wednesday. Despite all this recruiting activity, Hall said he still has a way to go before he gets clarity.

“I’m starting to start narrow it down to that one school, but I’ve only been one visit, so I haven’t had anything to compare Clemson to,” Hall said. “Once I start going on a few visits, I’ll start really getting it in my head and trying to really figure out where I’m going to end up.” 

Hall added that he’s not yet decided on how he will handle his commitment announcement.


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