College football coaches likes Trevor Lawrence and Clemson as #1 going into the season

The back and forth this summer between Clemson and Alabama fans (and Alabama media fanboys) over last season’s national championship game, and if Clemson was truly the better team, can be squashed if you believe the opinions of the coaches who voted in their pre-season poll. By an overwhelming margin, they believe that win was no fluke, and they backed it up by giving the Tigers 59 of the 65 first place votes with the Crimson Tide receiving the other six. Let the debate end, for now.

Coaches pre-season top 25

1. Clemson (59)
2. Alabama (6)
3. Georgia
4. Oklahoma
5. Ohio State
6. LSU
7. Michigan
8. Florida
9. Notre Dame
10. Texas
11. Texas A&M
12. Washington
13. Oregon
14. Penn State
15. Utah
16. Auburn
T17. Wisconsin
T17. UCF
19. Iowa
20. Michigan State
21. Washington State
22. Syracuse
23. Stanford
24. Iowa State
25. Northwestern