Ajou Ajou

Clemson does not have a wide receiver committed for the 2020 class but that could soon change. One of their targets, Ajou Ajou (uh-Joe uh-Joe) (6-3 210), a Canadian who will play this season for Clearwater Academy International in Florida, is visiting thru Saturday morning with a close family friend since his mother does not have a passport and could not join him.

Ajou is not the typical prospect Clemson receivers coach Jeff Scott seeks. He’s not a proven commodity at the position. But according to his coach, Scott was not finding much of what he was looking for in the 2020 class.

“He had kind of been a little disappointed by the 2020 receivers in the class,” coach Jesse Chinchar said.  “He was down here scouting and looking for receivers, and he had mentioned that he was kind of disappointed in the receivers in the class.  I said, have you heard of this kid Ajou Ajou.  He said, “I haven’t.”  But, they kind of did their homework and Coach (Tony) Elliott (area recruiter) came out to the school to find out more about him, and Coach Scott returned the next week to watch him practice.”

Scott obviously liked what he saw because he invited Ajou to camp in June. And after watching him perform, Scott offered.

“I went with him on his first visit to Clemson when he camped, so we got to experience some of it together,” Chinchar said.  “We got to meet Coach Swinney and the whole staff, and he loved it.  He obviously was very impressed.  He was really impressed with the type of people in the organization and what they stand for and their values.”

Ajou took an official visit to Nebraska after his Clemson camp visit and the Cornhuskers, like Clemson, have been making a strong push.

“He’s been heavily recruited by a lot of other programs as well,” Chinchar said.  “He’s kind of playing it close to the vest a little bit, but I think those two are definitely in the top there.”

Chinchar said Ajou has over 30 offers including Alabama, Penn State, Washington State, Auburn, Florida and Tennessee. He expects to talk with Ajou in the next day or so and expects him to make his decision soon after the Clemson visit.